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This project is about understanding human in images and videos. Currently, we are working on both 2D and 3D human pose estimation. We developed models for single person pose estimation [1], jointly human part segmentation and pose estimation [2], and also 3D human pose estimation from monocular images [3]. This project is supported by DIVA.

[1] Xiao Chu*, Wei Yang*, Wanli Ouyang, Cheng Ma, Alan L. Yuille, Xiaogang Wang. Multi-Context Attention for Human Pose Estimation. CVPR 2017.
[2] Fangting Xia, Peng Wang, Xianjie Chen, Alan L. Yuille. Joint Multi-Person Pose Estimation and Semantic Part Segmentation. CVPR 2017.
[3] Chenxu Luo, Xiao Chu, Alan L. Yuille. OriNet for 3D Human Pose Estimation.