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Congratulations to Our Graduated Students!

01 Dec 2021

In the last month, THREE CCVL members have succesfully defensed their dissertations. They are:

Name   Date   Professional Plans   Thesis
Qing Liu   11/02/2021   Adobe Research, Research Engineer   Object Recognition and Parsing with Weak Supervision
Yingda Xia   11/19/2021   Alibaba DAMO Academy USA, Senior Algorithm Engineer   Towards Robust Deep Learning for Medical Image Analysis
Huiyu Wang   11/23/2021   Facebook (Meta) AI Research, Research Scientist   On Modeling Long-Range Dependencies for Visual Perception

Congratulations to all for successfully presenting and defending their theses!

We are extremely proud of our students who have successfully completed their PhD. Congratulations on this great achievement and best wishes as you begin an exciting new phase of life!