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DeepLab2 Released!

21 Jun 2021

DeepLab2 is a TensorFlow library for deep labeling, aiming to provide a unified and state-of-the-art TensorFlow codebase for dense pixel labeling tasks, including, but not limited to semantic segmentation, instance segmentation, panoptic segmentation, depth estimation, or even video panoptic segmentation.

Deep labeling refers to solving computer vision problems by assigning a predicted value for each pixel in an image with a deep neural network. As long as the problem of interest could be formulated in this way, DeepLab2 should serve the purpose. Additionally, this codebase includes CCVL’s recent and state-of-the-art research models including Axial-DeepLab, MaX-DeepLab, ViP-DeepLab on deep labeling. We hope you will find it useful for your projects.

Check out this link for more details.