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Chenxi Liu Named 2019 Google AI Fellow

10 Sep 2019

Chenxi Liu, a PhD student in our lab is among 54 students selected as 2019 Google AI Fellows. Ten years ago, Google created the PhD Fellowship Program to recognize and support outstanding graduate students who are doing exceptional research in Computer Science and related fields who seek to influence the future of technology, according to the program’s website.

Liu’s research in artificial intelligence prompted him to apply for the fellowship. “There are two levels of learning. The learning that we perform within each individual’s lifetime, and the evolution that forms our brilliant yet intricate brain structure after millions of years. Current AI is emulating the former, while the latter is largely uncharted territory,” said Liu.

Winners of the Fellowship will receive two years of tuition and fees paid in the total amount of $97, 450. “With the fellowship support, I hope to continue my research which is to let the machines spontaneously and efficiently discover architectures that best facilitate various kinds of visual intelligence tasks,” said. Liu. Liu is advised by Alan Yuille, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg Distinguished Professor. His research areas include computer vision and deep learning.